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Mr. Mitch, Delray Beach, FL.

Robert did an extraordinary job! His work is flawless! He did the whole front here, as you can see, with beautiful flowers. He did the walk on the side! He planted a garden for me where I grow herbs and we got the backyard with a tropical lush landscape. He did it on time! The price was correct! Reasonable and I couldn’t ask for more!

"Robert Did An Extraordinary Job!"

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Mr. Bernard, Delray Beach, FL.

I was a builder, a developer in New York for over 40 years and I worked with many landscape contractors. Had a lot of good times, bad times and a lot in between, but meeting Robert Simon was the best thing ever in Florida! As you can see, he found me specimen tree, the look outrageous! He did an unbelievable job! He is one of the finest gentlemen that I’ve ever worked with. He came in on time, and more importantly on budget! He found exactly what I wanted and now we are working on the front. We are looking for Lipstick Palms! Very rare, very expensive, but I have Robert and I have no doubt that he will find it on time, on budget! I highly Recommend Robert Simon anything you have with landscape, he’s the man! Take it from someone that has 40 plus years with all of them! Robert Simon is the man! Thank you!

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"He Did An Unbelievable Job!"

"I Can’t Recommend Him Highly Enough!"

Mrs. Renee, Delray Beach, FL.

Robert is unbelievable! He took my ideas, that I really didn’t have very many of, but he kind of grasped what I was leaning toward and created something that I could never imagine this on my own! Not only he is exclusive, he is such a nice person to deal with. He comes as soon as you call, he takes care of things I didn’t think of. He checks on the property. He is honest, reliable. Anything you can possibly want from somebody to maintain and create a beautiful landscape. I can’t recommend him highly enough! He is wonderful!

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I was always doing my own work and stuff and I came to a project that I wasn’t able to do it and needed to be done by somebody that had experience, and expertise, and I got ahold of RC Home Care. They reply to me immediately and they came in and they did exactly what they promised to do and they charged a fair, fair price and I’m very satisfied.

"They Did Exactly What They Promised!"

Mr. Joseph, Delray Beach, FL.

"I Highly Recommend Your Services!"

Ron & Sue Long, PBG, FL.

Michelle, let me thank you for the work you and your team did on installing our new arbor in our side yard. And to think I was going to do it myself! It turned out great! The guys worked very hard (and even showed up early!). I highly recommend your services!

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"They Did A Fantastic Job!"

Andrew Saintil, WPB, FL.

This company is great and will take care of your home needs and remodeling. I've hired them for several projects and they did a fantastic job! Highly recommend!

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