Concierge Services

Our service is all about giving you peace of mind! Imagine you having that extra time to stay with your loved ones on the "crazy busy" reality that we all live in! That is priceless! RC Home Care is here to take care of you and your property. 

You will have:

-Proactive Home Managing

-On Call For Emergencies

-Check Smoke Detectors Annually

-Check UV Lighting Connected to HVAC System Annually

-1 Year Anniversary complimentary “Top to Bottom Roof-Window-Paver Cleaning”

We can run the errands for you like:

-Grocery store run (We will buy your grocery and deliver to your doorstep!)
-Car maintenance – oil change, wash, gas fill-up and repair;

-Drop of a mail at the post office;

-We can return an Amazon item for you;

-Open the door for a vendor;

-Pharmacy Pick-up and Delivery;

-Take you to an appointment (in your own car);
-Shuttle (in your own car) to the airport or any place needed;

-That special day coming? Need floral arrangements? We got you! We will order, pick-up and deliver!

-Holiday shopping and gift wrapping.

-Dry cleaning pick-up and delivery;

-Party Planning

-And Much more...

I Highly Recommend Your Service

Ron & Sue 

They Did A Fantastic Job!

Andrew Saintil

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Lake Worth, FL, 33467.

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