About Us

RC Home Care LLC is a concierge company founded in Florida by two professionals (friends) which both worked for more than 10 years in the “Home Care” industry from the biggest companies in the world. Over the years listening from customers their property issues and bringing its solutions. 

A circle of trust started to begin and day by day is stronger. Customers like the idea of dealing and trusting in ONLY one person instead of five, seven even ten people when they need anything to get done. RC Home Care LLC is partner exclusive with vendors and contractors that carry license and insurance, giving our customers the “piece of mind” that we all wish for...

For each service request, at least three quotes from different contractors will be presented so customers can be sure of never overpaying for any repair or service, RC is always there to take care of you!

We will be taking care of everything for you and your property from start to finish! Since dealing with the contractors to making sure of quality and standards are reached for each service, there's never too small job for us!

Take a look at our satisfied clients here.